Thursday, July 22, 2010

Over-The-Humpday Challenge: Veganizing Brownies

After multiple awe-inspiringly successful attempts at tofu frosting topping Dreena's Triple Chocolate Cake with tofu-based frosting... had to have seen this one coming.

Oh yes, people. This week's Over-the-Humpday Challenge: tofu brownies.

I figured there had to be a recipe out there in the depths of Google somewhere - and lo! The universe and I were clearly on the same page, because I woke to find my newsletter in my inbox with none other than a recipe for Triple Chocolate Tofu Brownies. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is.

So, I got straight to work - you can view the recipe here.

I stuck to the recipe as closely as possible, which I like to do when trying a recipe for the first time. Then, I figure out what needs to be changed. The only alteration I made this time was to use a combo of  vegan chocolate chips and white chocolate chips in the batter - and LOVED it. I would definitely keep the white chocolate next time, it rocked! A nice contrast to the dark cocoa-y flavor.

It was overall a success - they were almost gone by the time the plate returned after I sent it over to the neighbors'. I found them a tad too sweet though, and would like to add some instant espresso powder to the batter - coffee in general emphasizes and complements chocolate and just helps bring it out more. I meant to add it, I just forgot! I think I'd reduce the sugar - I knew a whole cup of white sugar sounded like a lot, but I went with it. I'd prefer to use raw sugar, and not quite so much. I'd also like to experiment with different oils - I couldn't quite tell how the olive oil affected it, but I would like to try canola or walnut just to see what happened. 

Another day, another OTHd Challenge done. And the weekend is almost here! Make some brownies - it will get here faster. I promise.


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