Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Coffee Talk

Here's what I've learned after 3 consecutive summers working in a small coffeehouse:

1. Eat a good breakfast. Preferably involving an ample serving of protein + fat + fiber.
[oats + greek yogurt + melone]

2. Sandwiches are friends. Quick, tasty, portable friends.
[tempeh + Crofter's SuperFruits jam + goat cheese on sprouted grains bread. makethisNOW.]

[cucumber + anchovies mashed w. avocado + oregano + rosemary. also quite delicious!]

3. Bars are friends of sandwiches. Don't split those lovebirds up. Your blood sugar will thank you.
[ProBar's Fruition Cran-Raspberry: This is a truly wonderful bar! Not too tart, just pleasantly refreshing. If only it were a bit less $$$$, they'd make many more appearances in my life.]

[Clif Chocolate Almond Fudge: Anyone who can't stand how overly sweet Clif bars are, this will change your mind. It's like a wonderful chocolatey brownie with hints of almond extract, helped by the real chunks of almonds in there. Must be my favorite Clif. SOgood.]

4. Drink water nonstop. Yes, you will have to pee a lot. But I have learned that the chances of the front of the store exploding or a line of customers around the block forming in those 3 minutes of potty time are shockingly small.

5. Be prepared to be hangry when you step in the door. Make a fast, delicious, & healthy snack.
Overeasy egg on toast will do just fine.

6. Always have your camera on hand. You never know when you're going to walk out after closing and witness one of the most photogenic sunsets of the summer.

And finally, my latest lesson learned:

7. Windex makes a kickass fly killer. Even if your clientele think you're insane because they see you spraying Windex into the air with a ninja-like look on your face.

To all my fellow baristas out there - keep on brewin'. And to all my dear coffeehouse patrons...have you tipped your barista lately?


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