Restaurant Reviews

Gran Gusto (Cambridge)
Sagra (Dedham)
Bella Luna (Jamaica Plain)
Red Lentil (Watertown)

Cibreino (Trattoria Cibreo)
Fiaschetteria-Trattoria Mario
Trattoria da Sergio Gozzi *Sergio's was my absolute favorite spot - I went there every Wednesday for lunch. It is a MUST-try!*
Trattoria 4 Leoni
Trattoria Antellesi
Gusta Pizza
da Rocco
I Fratellini
Il Vegetariano (and also here!)
Kitsch (It took a while to figure out the place's name - but it is SO worth going!)
Casa del Vino (This became my Monday lunch spot - just search for it in the search bar and you will see MANY more amazing paninos!)
Trattoria Za-Za
Ristorante I'Toscano
Da Nerbone

Vestri (and here...another fave!)
Grom (another one to search for - it's a Florentine classic!)
Perche No (my fave :)
Gelateria dei Neri
Gelateria La Carraia

*If you are going to be in Florence, send me an email! There is nothing I love more than sharing my intimate knowledge of my favorite city in the world/second home. I also know where to get the best cappuccino you will ever taste in your life. Can't wait to hear from you!