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Ok, so originally I was going to start a "theme of the week." And then I decided to do one big themed post instead. And then that post was getting a little ridiculous and overwhelming, so I'm back to my theme week. Oy. Anyway, welcome to...


Yes, all of this ado has been about yogurt. But some really, really yummy yogurt!

Let's start with the ultimate. The best of the best [so far]. The almighty...

Fage Total 0%.
This is greek yogurt on crack. It's just sooo thick and creamy and plain ol' good!
I go for the 0% because in all honesty, I really don't like full-fat dairy. I have always hated the taste of milk and can't for the life of me drink it straight. When I was little, it had to be spiked with Hershey's or I would hold my nose while swallowing. One of my many [lovable!] quirks. Yogurt and ice cream tend to be the same. Cheese was the same too, up until I went to Italy, cheese Mecca. The flavor of regular dairy just grosses me out. I'm odd, but I accept it.
I adore Greek yogurt in general because it's so thick and creamy and amazing. Fage is the best of the best that I've tried, although I am making a point to try them all. I eat yogurt every single day (one of my favorite breakfast elements!), so this is a very doable challenge. But seriously, how many yogurts do you know can pass the sideways-spoon test?
[Fage + blueberries + cocoa powder. SO yummy.]
Look at that! Doesn't even budge! It's a little tangy, like most plain yogurt, but not in a bad way - makes for a lovely and interesting, dessert-like flavor I think. If you like Greek yogurt and have yet to try Fage - seek it out! You will not be disappointed. (Although I can't say the same for your wallet...but I know you can buy the big a$$ containers for about 8 bucks up here in Mass, and it can last for a while.ish.)

I am aware that there are indivudal Fage flavored containers, but I have to talk myself into spending the dough on them...and also, they are usually add-in-the-fruit style, which I am not a fan of. Nope, I'm not much for -fruit-on-the-bottom style. In my experience it's just too syrupy-sweet and, um, unfruity to be worth when I can just add in my own fresh fruit and enjoy it more. But, I do love trying new things, so we'll see ;)

I did try another greek brand - Brown Cow, in Strawberry flavor:
Unfortunately, this beige bovine proved to be far inferior to dear Fage. It did NOT pass the sideways-spoon test:
In fact, this was dangerously similar in texture to regular, nonGreek yogurt. Not necessarily a bad thing, except for the fact that it claims to hold the classic Greek thickness and it, well, doesn't. It had a little of the Greek tang, and it wasn't soupy or anything. I enjoyed it in general, but not as Greek yogurt. Sorry Brown Cow, keep on grazing.

Next contender (and part of this morning's complete breakfast):
Chobani 2% Pineapple
Yes, 2%. I figured 2.5 grams of fat wouldn't be enough to gross me out and, well, I really like pineapple! This did NOT disappoint. Although it didn't exactly pass the sideways-spoon test with flying colors...
It was still definitely Greek with the texture and tang. It's no Fage, but it's a solid second choice. And I really like all their flavors...I hope I can find the pomegranate!

Today was one of those days where the only moving I did was from counter to fridge. I've had worse days;) And the fridge bore some lovely eats!

This may sound ca-ray-zay, but I made this on a whim after I came home and was craving some BBQ sauce. I found this guy hanging out:
And went with it. LOVE the sweet onion flavor!!
Roasted parmesan-BBQ broccoli. I love broccoli - especially roasted (and even more as a pizza topping! UNO's spinoccoli, anyone??), and I know it's delish with parmesan, so I combined all 3. Literally all I did was set the oven at about 375, throw the broccoli on a sheet with a little cooking spray [or olive oil], sprinkle with the parm and drizzle with the sauce. It's really yummy, I promise!! Makes for a pretty awesome snack :)

I also was eager to try the quinoa salad I made last night, because grain salads are usually much better after they've chilled overnight and the flavors have the time to mesh more. It didn't disappoint!
 I took one bite, though, and genius struck: it was screamin for some guac!
Totally took it to the next level. Note to self: Add avocado next time this salad is on the menu!

After a day of...well, absolutely nothing, I turned to my favorite rainy day activity: baking!
I have been dying to try Dreena (from Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan)'s vegan cookies because I usually have most of the ingredients on hand and, um, when is it ever a bad time for delicious, freshly baked cookies?? [NEVER!]

I started with her Homestyle Chocolate Chip cookies:
I'll admit, they're not Tollhouse, but this was only the first time, and I did have to make substitutions - half granulated/half brown sugar instead of all unrefined, kosher salt instead of sea salt, and though I think what I used was unbleached all-purpose flour, we keep it in a big unlabeled container so I am not 100% sure. I also used 3/4 white flour and 1/4 wheat flour, but I like the extra bit of grainy texture it gave them. Definitely worth a try...or seven!
Seriously, with a name like that, how could you not want to make these??
The recipe is very similar to the choc. chip one, and I altered a couple other things as well. I didn't have sliced almonds, but I did add the almond extract and I'm pretty sure that was what put these cookies over the top of amazing chocolatey goodness. I LOVED these!! I added the almond on top (gotta make it perty!). On the last three, I added a crushed-up 72% cacao Ghirardelli square.
I thought they kind of looked like wings!
And then the wings melted into little melty pools of deliciousness. MMMMMM!
Please make these now. That is all.

Oh, and did anyone love Glee tonight?? I'll be totally honest, I'm not sure how much I even like Vocal Adrenaline. All Jesse does is screamo, which is sad because he has such a nice singing voice. I like the variety of the solos in New Directions. 

Oh god. I'm beyond addicted.


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  1. hey gillian! i just found your blog via pb&jenny - i love your blog! i'm actually a college student in boston too (but orig from california) - i'm also studying abroad in florence, italy - but this coming fall! (my junior fall) & was just wondering what kind of food they have! (and would it be hard being a vegetarian?) thanks!!