Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Lately, something has really been getting to me. My posts since I've returned have felt very spastic and kind of everywhere to me. Must be the English major coming out - I have to have a thesis!! I've just noticed that titling posts is difficult because there is no one thing that can sum up what I've said, and being my perfectionist self, this does not sit well. All this to say - I'm working on it ;)

Yesterday I was really tired, for no apparent reason. I had planned on hopping over to the gym (in my NEW CAR!!!), but could not summon up the energy. I tend to take these things as a sign, because when it comes to exercise, I know I will personally stop it altogether if it stops being fun. And part of its continuing funness is not forcing myself to go every single day. Took the dog for a walk and did a little ab work before bed--and kept it fun!

Speaking of fun...let's talk food.
This was yummy, but I have to say, I have never been much for key lime-flavored yogurts. Something weird about it, it kind of has a weird-sweet taste to me? This was the best brand I've tried though. Ha, how sick are you of seeing pictures of Stonyfield cartons?!

B-fast also included a classic - cinnamon toast!
Well, cinnamon+ almond butter + pear preserves toast. There is just something about cinnamon on toasted bread, it's like they were mutually created just for this to be made. My mom always made me cinnamon (and butter :) toast when I was sick, so it's a major nostalgia food for me too. In fact, when I had to bring my 'nostalgia food' to my Food & Culture class this semester, I almost did this - but peanut butter-banana waffles won. It was a tough decision, let me tell you. 
Ok, I could have sworn up and down on all things gourmet that I talked about this, but apparently not, so...
In my Food & Culture class, we were all asked to discuss our persona "nostalgia food" - something that when we eat, the mere look/taste/smell takes us back to a certain moment or feeling that only this food can do to us. I chose peanut butter-banana waffles (with syrup, obvz), because whenever I had waffles for breakfast, my dad insisted on putting peanut butter on them (hell if I know why I protested - that was genius.).
Do you have a nostalgia food?

I also tried this guy:
It was...well, like a ginger snap! A bit heavy on the cloves, though. Like all Larabars, what you see is what you get - so if you're not a ginger fan, stay away. But if you are, it's quite tasty. I am kind of in between, and so far the peanut butter cookie Larabar is the winner (shocking, I know). What I like about these is that they are made of real food, and the high [healthy!] fat content keeps me full and happy for a pretty decent amount of time.

In other fun news - I got a present!

Ok, well, not exactly a surprise present, because I bought it for myself, but still - who doesn't get excited when a package arrives with their name on it???
Amazing Grass is a company whose products are craaaazy popular in the food/healthy living blog world. Their products - bars, wheatgrass powders and smoothie powder add-ins, are all-natural, organic, and busting with nutrients. I ordered 2 of their the Sample Packs - the regular product combo and the Amazing Meal combo
I have tried a couple of their bars before and enjoyed them because of their lasting power and readable ingredient list, and one of my favorite bloggers swears by their magical powers, so it was about time I got around to checking them out!

The first one I tried was the Kidz Wild Berry packet - because it sounded fun!
3 servings of fruits and veggies?? How is that possible??
Straight from the site: "We’ve used a quick-drying, low temperature, nutrient-preserving method to make a fruit and vegetable powdered drink that mixes easily with water or milk to provide your child with a fast, delicious way to drink up the healthy benefits of a variety of fruits and vegetables."

Pretty cool, right? 
[They do say that this is NOT meant to replace the fresh fruit/veggies in one's diet - just for a vitamin boost!]
1/2 frozen banana + 2 big strawbs + 1/2 c. almond milk + 1 packet Kidz Superfood Wild Berry
This was yummy. As in, once I go through all my samples, if I don't find one I like more, I'm making a beeline for Whole Foods and buy the big container of this stuff. We're all still kids at heart, anyway! It was pretty sweet, but it's a smoothie so it wasn't obnoxious, and I really liked the berry flavor it added (trust me, you'd never know it was also zucchini, brussel sprouts, green beans, and 10 million other veggies!). Next up: the chocolate. I'm excited.

I slept muuuch later than planned today, so time to catch up on my to-dos! I'll be back - with car pictures!!


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  1. You're from Dedham?! I'm from Newton!

    I lovelovelove the Dedham Whole Foods- you're so lucky to live so close to it!