Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Month Back[iversary]

Coming home after 3.5 months in Italy is easier said than done. It's been exactly one month today that I have been home, and I will level with yall - it hasn't been getting easier. With the exception of the constant cloud of cigarette smoke around every corner, I miss everything about Florence. Daily trips to Mercato Centrale, aperitivo at Kitsch, gelato at Percho No, the Duomo. And don't get wrong, I LOVE my car, but I miss walking everywhere. It's been harder than I think I've let on, and not in ways I expected. Though I of course miss the food that I will always consider the best in the world, it's so different here that I knew what was coming and it hasn't been as hard on me (though my waistline may disagree - SO much processed food!) What has surprised me is my newfound passion about the importance of natural foods and supporting locals; it's never been so important to me before. I also feel the frequent urge to tell people here to chill out!! The slower way of life there only became more evident when I got back and had a new view of how absolutely manic life here can be. I feel...restless. I'm glad to be home and have the chance to recuperate from an insane [and insanely amazing] semester and rest before the upcoming one kicks me in the butt, but at the same time, I miss the challenges there, especially speaking Italian. Man, do I miss having to struggle to think in a different language! I know some people who are going there soon. My one piece of advice: live it up, every single moment, and don't be afraid. It's just such an incredible place - Italy can change a person. I can't wait to go back.

In honor of my one-month-backiversary, I thought I would change it up and show you my absolute favorite pictures taken in and around Florence. 

Heavenly doesn't even begin to cover it.



  1. you're making me homesick :[ it honestly hasn't been much of a struggle for me the past few weeks, but lately i have definitely found myself thinking of florence...and it is like a sad, sad pang in my heart.

  2. Those pictures are amazing!

    I am leaving for Italy on Thursday. I've been getting pretty anxious but this post helped me to realize that I should stop wasting my time worrying and just enjoy the experience! So thank you!

  3. Love the new look of the blog Gillian!