Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Day in the Eats of Me

It's hard to summarize what I eat in a day because, well, it changes. Somedays it's a 3-meal/2-snack situation, others I just kind of snack through the day. Today I actually photographed [almost] everything I ate, so if you were curious...

Breakfast. My fave :)
A nice cup of melon and 1/2 c. Fage preceded this beautious bowl:
Cocoa powder/espresso, almond milk, banana half, and...
A newbie!
I picked this up when we ran out of oat bran, just for a change. After this and yesterday's apple-cinnamon bowl,
I think I still prefer oat bran. This is, well, grainy - by which I mean, it doesn't get the same creaminess of texture that my dear oat bran does. It's more...separated? Does that even make sense? I think when oat bran cooks, it consolidates more - it becomes one [can I get cheesier? don't dare me...], but all the grains in this kind of, um, hold their own. But it has a nice flavor (grainy in a good way!), and it will do. 

Mid-morning snack was a delivery from mom.
Iced nonfat latte with sugar-free peppermint. My absolute favorite flavor shot.
Ok, I know, I know, I talk so much about real food and "fake is bad"...but sometimes nothing else will do! I like the sugar-free peppermint because when I get the regular, it is WAY too sweet. Too much like drinking syrup with a hint of espresso. The sugar-free one is less sweet and I actually don't notice the nasty Splenda-aftertaste that I do in other splenda-spiked products. Plus, I definitely think there is a little too much "eat this, not that" going on in the U.S. - really, when it comes down to it, I think it's all about moderation. I never feel bad about the occasional diet coke or sugar-free latte because I just don't think that's any way to live life. Go with your gut - literally.

Lunch was a wrap toasted in the oven for CRUNCH (and I think it makes them taste better), filled with an ounce of smoked salmon, wilted spinach, cucumber and 1.5 T hummus. 
This was actually annoyingly lackluster. My wraps have not been as good as I remember...maybe Italy/Casa del Vino paninis killed them for me. I will overcome...I must!
I also had a tangerine. It's funny, I really don't care much for tangerines, but I do love clementines, so I just tell myself I'm eating a clementine and hope for a placebo-effect-type-of-thing. Crazy? Oh my friends, that is just the tip of the iceberg.
Anyone else have any odd food habits? God knows I have more...

I took a field trip to Whole Foods upon my mother's request for lentils...I swear, it's the Gillianasana Bermuda Triangle. I get lost in there and just roam the aisles aimlessly, wishing I had a really big gift certificate. But I do find that I'm pretty good at shopping there - really, it does not have to be "Whole Paycheck." I did get some fun stuff that I'm pretty excited this:
On sale for $2.50! WOOHOO!
[I told you, just the tip of the iceberg...]
I have tried all the other flavors of Clif Zbars except Peanut Butter - the only one not sold individually. I'm rather attached to the chocolate brownie, and is anyone else with me when I say that the Spooky Smores flavor should be a year-round situation??
Annnyway, dinner was a little while away and I wanted a snack, so ripped into this bad boy.
LOVE the chocolate swirl on top. This bar was certainly no disappointment - although still no Smores. It was like a reese's with oats - what's not to love?? The pb flavor could be a little more present, but I do love the soft texture of these. It occurred to me halfway through that it would be probably be even better after a spin in the microwave, but I was too lazy to act upon it. Next time!

Dinner was a failed chicken soup an improvised frittata my mom made with potatoes + onions, peppers, grape tomatoes, spinach, cheese(s), and...well, eggs. Duh.
It was alright. Needed more...direction. I think the potatoes (cooked with a bit of oil and white onion in a skillet before combined with the rest and baked) need to be cooked with more S+P and garlic instead of onion, and it would be better with a parmesan cheese on top - it's a lot sharper, better match for the blandness of eggs. But it was really filling! Also had a liiiittle Spanish white wine, Zestos. I wasn't a huge fan, but it was interesting [I swear it had an aftertaste that hinted of glue.]

Dessert was a mish-mash, I think hungry hit me because I wasn't as hungry as usual for dinner. A Sherbetter bar and a some new WF purchases:
Yes, 2 bars in one day. I don't make a habit of it, but I thought the higher fat/cal content would satisfy my munchies.
This I was hesitant to buy [not a big cherry person], and was not totally thrilled with. It was good with the chocolate - love the Jocalat base, always, because it's like a thick, dense super dark brownie and I like bitter chocolate. I didn't like the vague sourness that the dried cherries added. It just distracted from the yummy cacao flavor. I wouldn't buy this again - but, if you are a major dried cherries fan, you might give it a go.

Unfortunately, the munchies were still a-raging and so I had a bit of peanut butter - sometimes it's best right out of the jar - a little cereal, and another new buy:
Mother's gluten free caramel corn-rice cakes.
I saw these and for some reason they called to me. I haven't had a rice cake in ages (for a while they were too reminiscent of the "diet food" I subsisted on when ED told me what to eat), and these just looked good! Plus, sometimes I just want something sweet at the end of the day, but with no filling or nutritional quality in particular. These fit the bill!
With a little marshmallow fluff. I have no idea why I added it, sugar does not go with more sugar, but I did. They're, well, just like caramel rice cakes should be! I will enjoy them. Especially with peanut butter.

I'm very glad I wrote this post because it actually wasn't easy to expose my bad nighttime snacking habit. For a really long time, it feels like the sun goes down, the dinner plates go in the dishwasher, and something clicks in my brain that says "must.snack.NOW." It really bugs me because too often I eat too much and go to bed uncomfortable. That said, I am trying to see if a 3-meal setup helps with that. I also think I have discovered that when it comes to dessert, I need it to be big - in flavor and size. I've noticed that if I go out for dinner and order dessert or just go out after dinner for ice cream, I am more satisfied and waaay less tempted to snack my head off. So, I think just having a "special" dessert might make that easier. At the very least, it's worth a try! 
Have y'all ever had any annoying habits? How did you kick 'em?

Last night before going out, my mom and I went to an hour yoga class at a nearby studio. It was just a basic class and didn't feel any harder than usual, but damn - I have been limping around like a little old lady today! I took the dog for a walk and it was, um, sad. I did a Gentle Hatha Yoga podcast midday to try to loosen up too, but...whoa. Do not underestimate the butt-kicking power of yoga!

Domani: get car inspected, take pictures of said car, rock out to Glee on elliptical. Go team.


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