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Ok, so don't get me wrong - I am a hardcore believer in the importance and general superiority of whole, minimally processed foods, and a big part of this blog is dedicated to finding and delivering new and delicious recipes and products that are just that. BUT, let's face it - in the U.S., with our busy Blackberry-driven lives and the vast availability of the processed stuff, sometimes we save ourselves some stress and trouble and buy it. Being a college kid, I get it - sometimes it's better (taste and health-wise) than the "food" served in the dining hall. Plus, while it's not always the case, a lot of the natural stuff has a higher price than the regular stuff. I do think it's worth the price - I kind of look at it as an investment in my own health, but it's not going to be the end of me to eat it once on a while. And if others prefer this stuff to the all-natural kind, or need to eat it for other reasons, that's ok too. This is just my personal opinion. Ok, there's my spiel, on to the pics!

Before I discovered the wonderful world of Greek yogurt, I was a Yoplait Light/Dannon Light & Fit addict. I saw this new flavor and, well, I can't resist anything pomegranate-berry flavored. Tried....but can't.

Meh. The texture is clearly nothing special, but I was in it for the flavor - and it didn't really deliver. It was kind of a vague berry-like taste with that odd fake-sugar aftertaste. Boo. Oh well, at least I tried it.

The thick-style Yoplait Light was my favorite part of breakfast ever - again, pre-Greek. Loved the thickness, even if it was a little questionably gelatinous. A new flavor came out and I felt I should be fair and see what it was like.

Well, what I liked about it was that it did do some justice to blueberry pie, crust and all. It had a graham-like flavor in the background that worked well the the berry flavor. Still can't quite get past the fake-sugar though - last fall I decided to give up sweeteners as best I could (sometimes a girl just needs a Diet Coke!), and now I can practically smell it when I have products that use it. But minus that, the flavor was decent.

Alas, I just couldn't stay away:
THAT would be Chobani's pomegranate and may I just say - WOW!! I loooooved this! Had that nice cranberry-like tang that pomegranate does, and it had actual pom. seeds in it! The "fruit on the bottom" wasn't syrupy or heavy, it was just like when I add jam to my plain yogurt. And, as you can see, it passed the sideways-spoon test! My only problem? The $1.50 per cup part. Cruel. I suppose it will make breakfast all the more special when I have it!

That "special meeting" I mentioned yesterday was actually just me going to see my high school band director. He was essentially my 3rd parent/therapist my junior and senior years, and I practically lived in his office. I wouldn't have done, well, a LOT if it weren't for him. He's one of those people that I can talk forever to, because he's very good at reading my mind and just "getting it," ya know? So, I stop at Dunkies for our coffees and spend a couple hours just chillin and chattin. He's retiring this year and it makes me unspeakably sad that I won't be able to do it anymore :( But, change is good. It makes things happen.
P.S. - does anyone else adore Dunkies's cinnammon coffee? Mmmmm :)

After my "therapy session", I came home and was hangry. The sunny-side-up egg with spinach on toast disappeared way to fast for LuLu to snap a picture, but I did manage to breathe long enough to show you these beautiful organic grapes I got at WFs yesterday:
LOVE grapes. Juicy, brightly-colored goodness.

I had a turkey-arugula wrap for lunch, but it looked about as lackluster as it tasted (it needed....something). However, I did put my new bag of frozen mangoes to use:
1/2 c. mango + 1/2 sliced banana + 1/2 c. almond milk. I like going simple the first time I try things.
It was good, but I think mango and banana together are too sweet - they both call for citrus or berry (or both). And I also didn't add spinach, but I wonder if it wouldn't have mellowed the sweetness a little. Spinach is clearly a must-have in all smoothies!

Anyone else in Mass. feeling gross right now? It is hot, sticky and icky. I felt a bit worn down all day, even after a nap. I hit the elliptical to see if it would help, but I think it just made me feel grosser. But, my philosophy with working out is even when in doubt, try it for 5 minutes. If you can't do it, it's not worth pushing, but it's a very seldom occurrence that I regret working out. And with an iPod full of Glee tunes, it's pretty enjoyable anyway! (The It's My Life/Confessions mash-up rocks my socks!)

Pre-run snack was this guy:
One of my favorite flavors. It's sweet and nutty, you can SEE the berries and seeds, and it pleasantly crumbles in your mouth but not before. It is a little sticky, but it doesn't bother me. It is quite sweet, but the tartness of the berries seems to balance it out. Yum:)

I treated myself to a trip to Whole Foods for some cold, creamy treats (to be revealed tomorrow!), and this guy:
I am obsessed with these. They're just so good! This flavor is particularly awesome - a little floral, a little sweet, a lot awesome. If you like flavored water but not the sweeteners, try these!!! They have wicked fun flavors too - I want my Whole Foods to stock the mango-grapefruit so bad!

Dinner was again inhaled too quickly for LuLu (this is NOT a habit I intend to continue), but it wasn't too interesting - imagine if you will a Morningstar Farms black bean burger over spinach with a little cottage cheese +dijon+ pineapple salsa. If you have not tried pineapple salsa, you MUST - it is absolutely drool-worthy with teriyaki-glazed salmon. Trust me. You will never look at teriyaki the same again.

Dessert was a mish-mash, including this newbie:
After reviewing the Raspberry one a couple days ago, I was wary. And again, underwhelmed. It was not cardboard-y like my last try, but it was waaaay heavier on the date than blueberry flavor. But it was pleasantly gooey, and the nuts on top added a nice semi-crunch. Still...blah. I'll give the apple a shot - and then give up. Although I still think the cherry-pomegranate was pretty good...(see above for my opinion on pomegranate anything.)

I also made good on my word and had a peanut butter-fluff waffle:
YUM. I think the marshmallow brought out the sweetness in the waffle, and the peanut butter...well, I'm pretty sure peanut butter improves pretty much everything it's put on. I used my favorite brand ever, Naturally More - although my mean grocery store no longer carries the regular kind, only organic, which I don't like as much (go figure, right?). The regular has added egg whites and honey, whereas the organic doesn't - maybe that's why? And Whole Foods doesn't carry it. Hell if I know why. You can find it at WalMart (yes, you read that right), and it's really pretty cheap - if you're a pb fan, you MUSTmustmust try this. It changed my nut-butter-lovin' life. Whole flaxseeds give it a little crunch, there's a little bit of can sugar for sweetness...gah. Sogood.

At the beginning of this week, I declared the start of Project: Conscious Eating. I haven't forgotten about! And, while I can feel I'm getting better at it, it's a sloooooow process. Sometimes I just start snacking and can't stop. It's too easy here, with a family-size kitchen available 24/7. It's frustrating, and can be very defeating, but here is what keeps me sane: 1) I learn more about myself and how my body works everyday, and I know what helps and what hinders it, and 2) the world is not going to stop turning if I eat one cookie or handful of cereal too many. I will get up, start a new day, and try again. One of the hardest things I struggle with is eating too much - in the past, feeling "stuffed" triggers a total binge and then guilt so painful it's tangible. And that cycle is just not fair to myself. So, that is really the point of my project - which is really a lifelong project - to continue to live and get back on the horse and look at each day as a new chance. I truly hope that anyone who takes on their own project keeps that in mind above all - let the past be the past.

And on a completely unrelated topic, I'm watching the movie 27 Dresses (cute, but pretty formulaic-chick-flick), and JAN from The Office is James Marsden's [character's] editor!! She does play an excellent "woman-in-charge." Although I looove the episode where so goes all "hippie mom" on them....hehehe. 

I got me a babysitting job tomorrow AM, and still need to de-ickify. Gosh, I have rambled like whoa today!
Sweet dreams all :)


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