Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Oh, Wednesday in Florence. I will miss you.
Mostly because Wednesday=Sergio's. The only man in my life. At least he can cook!
This was fresh pasta alla carrettiera, which really just means in a slightly spicy tomato sauce. It wasn't even that spicy, just well-seasoned, and it was delicious. There is just nothing like a bowl of fresh pasta. Italian soul food at its finest.

I had some errands to run today - like pay ridiculous import taxes for a package (wherein lies my NEW camera!!!!!) - and whaddyaknow, a trip to Vestri for some gelato just popped onto the list...
Tiramisu + caffe.
It was good, but not near as blissful as last time. The coffee was lovely, just strong enough, but the tiramisu was not very, um, tiramisu-y. I thought it actually had hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, oddly enough. Not to say it was bad - I had NO problem devouring this cone - but Perche No still wins the tiramisu gelato competition. I think the dark chocolate at Vestri is just the way to go. Can't be beat.

Tonight's dinner theme was "going to Barcelona for the weekend and have to use up all my veggies" night!
A TON of green goodness - arugula, spinach, red bell pepper, cannellini beans, pecorino.
But no, I can't possibly eat this ENTIRE pan of veggies....right?
Well, after some quality time in the oven...

 Oh yes I can. And did. Veggieriffic.

Dessert was multi-coursed, of course:

A small chocolate-hazelnut biscotti. Would have been better with actual chocolate chips, but still was quite tasty.

My marzipan pear. Yumyumyum:)

Trying to get prepared for Barcelona this weekend - woohoo!! Although I'm rather sad that tomorrow is my last cooking class here (we have 2 finals). But I know what we're making, and it's exciting. Like, something I've been waiting for all semester. Are you on the edge of your seat yet?
A domani!


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  1. Hi Gillian,
    I have to stop reading your blog when I am really need to look at this a new career path.

    I am attaching a link to my nephew wife's should contact her as one foodie to another. She is a doll......and writes for the smithsonian magazine...check it out.


    Ps: I want one of those salads for dinner you wrote about.