Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today was...odd. Specific, I know, but I can't quite use any other words to describe it.

Last night was, um, not so good. I walked out of yoga into an intense rain storm, thunder and lightning to boot, and returned home soaked. It stopped pretty quickly (after I was inside, of course), and we headed out in the spirit of Ethnic Tuesday to find a recommended Indian restaurant somewhat nearby. I guess I didn't eat enough yesterday, but between trying to go to yoga with a mostly-empty stomach (in general  it's just NOT a good idea to do yoga on any kind of a full stomach...just trust me) and then waiting for everyone to get ready, well, my roommates got to meet Hypoglycemic Gillian. She's not a very pleasant person to be around; in fact, she's mean, nasty and just generally someone to avoid. However, I have had enough experience with her cameo appearances in my years that I have trained her to, instead of "speaking her mind" (her vocabulary is pretty small - lots of 4-letter words), become very very quiet. Not only did we get lost a couple times on the way, but it took about an hour for the server to bring us our dinner. It was not exactly the fun time I had planned, because I ADORE Indian food! And after my trip to India, it's really fun for me to relive my amazing experience there through the cuisine. This restaurant was quite good, though - I ordered my favoritest dish aloo gobhi (although they called it something else, I think gobi sulemani...but really, it's all the same thing). It's basically potatoes and cauliflower cooked and spiced and I love it. Unfortunately because of the aforementioned low blood sugar, I didn't have the presence of mind to take a picture before wolfing it down, but it looked a little something like this:
Try it!!!

I wasn't able to go to bed early last night for reasons out of my control, and I can feel the dark circles under my eyes today. Ick, hate that feeling! Italian was....well, where the oddness began. We played a game with the other class and their teacher is quite a character! I mean that in the best possible way - he was hilarious. I was so energized after that class I almost didn't go back to bed when I came home...almost. The grocery store refuses to restock the oats, and so I pretty much had nothing to stay awake for. Woke up a couple hours later, and it was off to Sergio's for lunch! Truly one of the highlights of my week. I just love it.

Zuppa di verdure (vegetable soup)

I ordered this warily, a little worried that it would be too "soupy" - I have a serious problem with brothy soups. In fact, until I came here, I pretty much refused to eat them! But here they are more stew-like which I love, and I trusted Sergio's to deliver. And oh boy, did they. This was great! Just brothy enough to soak up with the bread but I didn't feel like I had to slurp my lunch. It was a big bowl of zucchini, carrots, potatoes, black cabbage, beans...and probably more. We left very happy!

It was on to the market for some fresh veggies & fruit after that! I know I've said it intimidates me, but I think I'm getting more comfortable. I really love going and wandering around - it's just a really interesting place to be.

And then something EXCITING happened - I got an email that said a package for me had arrived!!!
Valentine's PEZ, Chocolate Mousse Bunny Peeps (!), Jelly Bellies, a super cute card, a perfume sample, an article of the hottest-man-alive-aka Michael Buble, and my food scale. My family loves me:)

And my roommates will love me because I am about to put that food scale to good use - baking time!!!

I got hungry early again and made an easy dinner:
Whole wheat penne, arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumber (which I haven't had in forever!! my fave veggie), with pecorino in a mustard-balsamic vinaigrette. It fit the bill, but was missing a certain something...I think some bell pepper, more cheese, and a protein (beans?) would help. I'll work on it.

I think today's oddness was mostly a kind of "blah" feeling. Very much like the weather today actually - it was sunny, but when you looked up you only saw clouds. Odd. Felt a little homesick, but then a little heartsick when I thought about leaving here...lots of things whirling around in my head.

Tonight I had a concert to attend for my music class. Mauro Pagani is a singer/guitarist/violinist/flautist, and this particular concert was in the theme of World Sacred Music Week. It was really eclectic, some songs reminded me of Billy Joel, others of Santana, and others of Irish jigs! It was Pagani and then a guy on drum set and another on keyboards/accordion. I really loved it, and I hope I can find a CD. It was in one of many churches here, near the Ponte Vecchio, which really gave it a cool sound. It was so fun and so unique! You could really see how much the musicians were enjoying themselves too, which is just an awesome thing to witness. Lots of improvising!! And it was really relaxed - Pagani came on stage in a sweatshirt and khakis! It was such a cool night. I definitely encourage looking this guy up - this was some wicked cool music.

I considered getting gelato on the way home, but decided I was too cold. But I was ravenous when I came home and, um....well, a liiiittle too much food was just consumed. Whoops. Just goes to show how important to is to listen to cravings - a gelato would have caused a lot less damage than I just did. I'm still not quite ready for bed, I can tell I will just lie there for a while, so I think I will go do some yoga.

What a day.


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  1. Magnificent MaggieApril 1, 2010 at 3:18 PM

    YES! Your family loves you! And is thrilled you're having such a good time. The photos, commentary, recipes--quite a nice little record of your semester there. Can't wait to see you!