Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Dead Yet

I just wanted everyone to know that I have not died, fallen off the face of the earth, or entered into Witness Protection! My internet refuses to stay connected for longer than 30 seconds (you don't even know how much I wish that were an exaggeration), and that makes blogging an impossibility (I've been uploading the same picture for about half an hour. Denial? What?). I will return ASAP with lots of good stuff!!!
Ciao ciao


  1. It is these trips to the other side of life -that is a farm instead of the city -that makes this going with a group really worthwhile. What a nice adventure and what a nice accomodating farm family! Hard to do on your own.

  2. 10...9...8...DAMMIT. disconnected again.

    so frustrating. i am trying to think of this as character building, but it mostly feels soul-destroying.