Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beautiful Thing

Today was a good day.

It started out with Italian, which because of my "sick day" yesterday, was relatively easy to get out of bed for. And lucky for me, today we took a field trip - to a cafe! Our teacher ordered pastry and cappuccinos for the 10 of us and we each had to ask the waiter a question about espresso. If I learned anything, it was that field trips in Italy are SO much better than home!! The capp was delicious, too :)

It only got better from there. After some food shopping (the best kind!) at the market, we went to Sergio's. The main man in my life! I ordered the ribollita...second week in a row. Addicted? Me? Naaaaah.....
It's a beautiful thing.

Speaking of which, check out this gorgeous (and massive) pear:
Doesn't it kind of look like it's floating? Frida wants to be Salvador Dali when she grows up ;)

Most of the day was spent working on the blog paper - I have a very rough outline and sources, but I'm still a little nervous about it. I have the tendency to get over-ambitious with my papers and then end up disappointed, and this one has so much potential...well, I'll stop neurosing about it.

Alaina and I took a trip to a new gelateria that is *supposedly* better than Grom...and this we had to see taste.
Dark chocolate + crema di vin santo
The second flavor is based on the traditional Tuscan dessert wine vin santo, which is frequently had after dinner with little almond biscotti. I've had it before and really liked it, but the past few times it's just been a little too strong on the alcohol-side - but this was perrrfect! Had the nice biting taste of the wine that was perfectly balanced with the sweetness of gelato. I loved it! 
We agreed that this place was on par with Grom - no better or worse, very similar. Interesting variety of flavors and high quality ingredients. Oh gelato, how I love thee!

I have nothing profound or particularly interesting to say in this post, but sometimes that's a good thing. Simple works. Simple is a beautiful thing.


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