Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ponderments from the other side of the Atlantic

It is true what they say about studying abroad - you definitely learn more about yourself and really get inside your own head and heart. I have experienced it before - going to India was life-changing for me in ways it is difficult to put words to (even for an English major!). But it never ceases to amaze me how much one can grow simply by getting out of the comfort zone.

I am becoming more comfortable with who I am. No, I haven't gone on any of the pub crawls or to any of the local discotecs (usually flooded with Americans and the, ahem, questionable characters who are simply waiting for them to get inebriated enough). But you know what? That's not my thing. I adore going out and walking the streets of Florence all day, window shopping, stopping at a cafe for an espresso. Come home, make dinner, wind down. Yes, it is not perhaps "typical" of a 20-year-old to not want to go out and party all night, but when have I ever been "typical" for my age? It is admittedly difficult to not feel a little out of place when most of your other peers around you are talking about what bar they went to last night or how late they got home, but I would prefer to feel a little out of place and comfortable in my own skin than trying to be something I'm not. I'm not saying I'll never go out, but I am aware of who I am enough to know that it is not all that fun for me, and it's empowering to be able to say that and be comfortable with the truth.

I've noticed a similar thing fashion-wise. No, I am not fresh from a Milan runway or even a mall in the U.S., but I like how I dress. I like that I've always just worn what I am comfortable in and don't feel compelled to adhere to a trend just because everyone else is. I'm a flat-footed-yoga-pant-shawl-wearing signorina!

Another thing that has crossed my mind frequently since settling in here is how lucky I am. Part of the reason I am so at home here is because I have traveled so much, and I am grateful beyond words to my parents for giving me those opportunities and always supporting me, in my travel endeavours and everywhere else. I often hear other people talk about their parents and I always think "man, my parents are pretty cool." I got lucky. Don't know why, but I did. I don't question it, I am simply sincerely grateful.

Yes, I know, a *gasp* mushy post. But this is my blog, so I might as well write about what's in my head! And don't fret, Chocolate Festival pictures are to come. Prepare to drool.

Vi amo molto!



  1. HUGGLES! Just saying hi. I have this bookmarked so I will remember to check it often. Before you ask about the name, it is a scrubs reference and I thought it was funny because you are so very much amused by my fuzz. I expect some solid pictures of this chocolate festival

  2. It makes me very happy to hear that you are feeling so good about yourself over here. I hope that living with us will not only encourage more of this sort of growth, but maybe break you out of your box even a little more :] I know that I could use some box-breaking myself, and I'm glad we are both finally realizing that it's okay to be ourselves, regardless of what others expect.