Saturday, February 6, 2010

Catching Up

Have you ever tasted almond extract and said "well, it's tasty, but I have no idea how this flavor relates to almonds," ? Well, I have. And now I know the answer.

These are unlike any almond I have EVER tasted! It will be hard to go back to the Costco lifetime-supply jar kind.

I've actually been thinking a lot about that recently, and I am anticipating some major reverse culture shock when I come home. I know, I know, I've been here barely 2 weeks and my mind is already 3 months in the future. But I can't help it; this lifestyle feels so natural to me. I suppose I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

ANYway, to pick up where I last left you all, with baited breath I'm sure...

Thursday - Giovedi. I had Italian, which was a bit better, learned the trapassato tense. I don't know what to call it in English - when there is a sentence like "When they arrived, class had already started" the trapassato is the "the class had already started" part. Capisci? Bene!

Went back, made some oatmeal, chilled first cooking class! I am in love. The teacher is great - very Italian but very smart and congenial, and definitely knows his stuff. This class is basically the way I try to cook all the time, which made me so happy. It's actually a Nutrition course (even though Converse wouldn't give me science credit for it...don't GET me started), and the emphasis is on using fresh ingredients and portions that can be feasibly eaten by one person (ahem, America - take notes!). We made AMAZING fresh pasta with mushrooms and these to DIE for chocolate cookies, all with healthy, fresh ingredients. I was so hungry by the time we sat down I forgot to pull out my camera - mi dispiace! (sorry!) I will remember this week, vi prometo.

After that, I floated home on a pasta high, hung out. My roommate and I ventured out to the train station to check out how to buy tickets for our trip to Pisa (don't worry, I'm getting to it!)

My cold has vastly improved, partially because my sleep has vastly improved, but also because I ventured into a farmacia and was given this (after I demonstratively sniffled to the pharmacist - cold, by the way, is 'raffredore'):
Basically a powder I mix into water. It's actually not bad, very much like powdered lemonade mix. I've been dutifully sucking it down, and I do feel better. NO idea what's in it - magic cold dust, I suppose.

Oh, I have a new man in my life to introduce you to...
Meet the Moka! It's the coffee maker that most Italians use in their homes. I am totally getting one, it's sooo easy. And yummy :) It's kind of like a French press - you put water in the bottom part, then put coffee grounds in a filter, and put the top on. A couple minutes later...COFFEE! It's pretty awesome.

Ok, our fantastic trip to Pisa deserves a post all by itself - as does the chocolate festival (yes, you read that right - get excited), so stay tuned!



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  2. Yeah I noticed, but this one worked :)