Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nostro Appartamento

I think it's about time that I showed dove abbito (where I live)!
That twirly irony thing at the front is a revolving gate thing. It's pretty sweet.

There are a LOT of stairs to our apartment...our butts are going to be in great shape.

Benvenuto al nostro appartamento!

La sala

(same room, opposite side)
e la cucina...

e nostra camera...

A room with a view!

Bathroom/Washer machine

Our lovely fruit bowl

Our stove in action!

Apicius - The Culinary Institute of Florence
Yup, it's about three doors down from us. I walk by it everyday. Think it's a sign? I do.


  1. Nice apartment. But 3 doors down from the culinary Institute- has to be a coincidence. i am convinced you are looking for job as photo journalist shooting food next. Check out that bowl of oatmeal.

  2. Hey, no talking about butts on the Internet. Your food comments and photos are AMAZING!!!

    Your biggest Fan (Mom)