Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And happened.

It was inevitable.
Truly only a matter of time.
I knew the end before I began.

I am officially addicted to Glee.

I know every single line to the entire stage version of Rent. My iPod is roughly 75% original cast recordings. I own multiple Broadway documentary DVDs. The heaviest book I own is solely devoted to the history of this soul-stirring musical tradition. I spent most of my high school career daydreaming about the day I would get to sing on stage and show people that I can do more than just march with a piccolo (which I am proud of, don't get me wrong), and I still think about how blissfully happy I was when that day finally came. Glee was created for geeks like me. So why did I not jump on this show the minute it hit the airwaves? Well, call me a drama queen - but I did it for my own sanity. It started right as the new school year started and I knew that it would be difficult to keep up with a show (can you tell I had yet to discover the wonder that is Hulu?), so I ignored it. And then, my roommates in Florence were all addicted, and I heard songs...and it was over the minute I stepped off the plane. This show rocks my Broadway-addict-heart's socks.

And that is where I have been.

Where's the food, right? Watch Idina Menzel and Lea Michele sing "I Dreamed A Dream" and feed your musical soul - and then come on back. I have some serious foodage for y'all. Happy Grooving!


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