Thursday, March 18, 2010

Studying in Candy Land

Did you ever play the board game Candy Land? You know, the one with the gum drop path, and your favorite character was Queen Frostine because she was the prettiest? Well, somewhere between Candy Cane Forest and Gum Drop Mountain, I think Hasbro forgot to add something...
Cinnilla-date VolcanOats!

Oats + almond milk + cinnamon + a chopped date. The date is soft enough that when you throw it in the pot it melts in with the oats. Make a hole in the middle of the bowl and pour in your vanilla lava, add some extra cinnamon "ash", and BAM! Flavor eruption! 
...Wow, sometimes I cheese even myself out. But come on. I had to say it.

Even though dates have a much higher glycemic load - meaning the sugar in them releases into your blood faster and spike your blood sugar - the oats are full of slow-releasing carbs that balance out your blood sugar level and keep you happy. Just in case you were wondering if I've been studying for my nutrition mid-term...I have. And you lucky duck, are reaping the benefits of my studiousness!

I had another rough night sleep-wise and today was hard to get through - but I didn't take a nap! Wednesday means a trip to the market - which still intimidates me. I just feel like my "Americanness" is even more blatantly obvious there. Kinda the "oh gee. another english-speaking student. here we go" sense from the vendors. And then others that are perfectly sweet. No matter, I have been reading aaaalll about why it's important to buy local produce, and that's more important than "bad vibes."

Wednesday also means lunch at Sergio's:
Minestra di farina gialla (soup made with maize flour).
This was super yummy, if not particularly aesthetically pleasing. I could really taste the maize and it was full of veggies which of course, I loved. Oh Italian soups, how will I face another winter without thee?

I also met a new man today. He's an Earl!

You got all excited there for a minute, didntcha?
This was really great tea! The floral taste from the bergamot in the earl grey went really well with the earthiness of green tea. I'd highly recommend!

I talked my roomie into going to a cafe with me to study - it's dangerous to be around computers sometimes. So much procrastination material at our fingertips. So we stopped by the cafe on our street that happens to be a chocolate store for cappuccinos. No chocolate...but I've got another 2 months here. Don't you worry.

Mid-terms has definitely fried my brain a little. I definitely feel more scattered and I apologize if the blog is reflecting it! Spring break's a comin...mmmm sleeeeepp.

I did some yoga when we got back - just some nice, gentle flows. It really is the best medicine. And I knew I would be happier doing that than taking a nap. I was right.

Whole wheat pasta + veggies.
I love how yellow bell peppers brighten up a plate! Pretty food tastes better.

More studying commenced...I am a walking encyclopedia of basic nutrition. But I will be completely honest - I love studying this stuff. It's absolutely fascinating. I love that I can explain the breakdown of fats, and slow versus fast-release carbs and glycemic load...I'm a geek. And PROUD of it!

It didn't take long for my brain to start yelling "bed time NOW." There was more studying to be done and a blog post to be written...but health comes first. And sleep won. So until tomorrow...


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  1. Uhhh yuhh I played Candyland! :)

    Oh yea, You just add milk to the yoplait good

    I love when sleep wins! :D