Sunday, March 28, 2010

Simple as That

Whoops! Guess who slept in a little later than expected? In my defense, I had a massive headache when my alarm went off at 9 that made me want to scream or split my head in half or something. My roommate and I had planned to get up and go to the Uffizi, but her alarm didn't go off, so I just rolled over and went back to bed. It felt so nice, even if I did sleep later than I intended. I'm soaking it in while I can; April is going to be insane! Exciting, but insane.

Spring Break is winding down! Come 2 AM, we spring forward, and then it's back to school. I'm looking forward to the longer days. It always gets me excited for summer.

Lazy vacation days always call for oats!
oats made with tropical juice (don't knock it 'til you've tried it!) + orange yogurt
I'll be honest, I was not a huge fan. It was perfectly edible, I just really don't like orange flavor (clementines, however, are a horse of a different color!). BUT I buy the 8-pack of yogurt to save a little money, and it includes 2 orange yogurts, so I have to get creative. And, when all else fails and my creativity expires...add chocolate. Seriously, it fixes everything.

Just in case you think I've been totally ruined for "normal" food, here is my lunch:
Soft boiled egg on toast. Sometimes - more often than not, I think - simple is best.

Check OUT my coffee today:
Swirly, almond-milky goodness!

Dinner continued the simple theme:

Whole wheat penne (~2/3 cup?), tomatoes, garlic, and LOTS of spinach topped with a heavy powder of grated pecorino romano. Mmmm, spinach :)

Ok, ok, booooorrrring post. But even in Italy, sometimes boring days are necessary. So, I will leave you with a perty picture, and promise to return with something to say!



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