Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun, Sun, Duomo

The Internet has returned! A little late...but at least it's back. I'll bet you missed me so!

Two massive mid-terms today - LOTS of writing. Food and Culture was ok - 6 essay questions of me rambling about exactly what we talk about in class. There is really no way to know how I did, so it's a waiting game until after spring break. My music one was all essays as well. I wrote everything I knew, and I hope it suffices. I'm more concerned about that paper...eek. But this is Italy, and there is no stress about academics here. I'm determined to make that true

What's under that schiacciata? Another brilliant sandwich from Casa del Vino, of course!

Mackerel and artichokes drizzled in olive oil. So simple, and yet so delicious. It was especially good after that midterm. Writing so intensely for so long just sucks the energy right out of me.

Came home and blogged in celebration of the return of the Internet. It was a GORGEOUS spring day today, and I went on a lovely walk/hunt for a health food store. I found it, but the door was closed :( The schedule said it was supposed to be open, so the owner must have been taking an extra-long siesta. No matter, I will return! Mondays I am in class all day and can't get to the market before it closes, and if I can't buy local, I try to buy organic. In my opinion, it's worth the slightly higher price. Your body is your temple - keep it shiny!

Took some pictures on the way back, just 'cause it was such a loverly day:

Spring is in the air!

We toyed with the idea of going out for dinner, but tomorrow is Ethnic Tuesday and I didn't want to spend more money, so after debating, we just threw our hands up and stayed in. Lentil-y goodness ensued.

Red lentils, celery, tomato, pepper, basil, plus sage/rosemary/s&p. See the melty bits of pecorino on there? I was happy.
I love red lentils, because they actually turn yellow when cooked and make it such a bright, happy-looking dish! And soooo tasty.

I have been NOT writing my composition for Italian due tomorrow. I suppose I should hop on that. To all my peeps in Massachusetts - I'm sending sunny, warm weather wishes!


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  1. Magnificent MaggieMarch 18, 2010 at 7:57 PM

    We caught Spring. It's 68 degrees here, sunny. the dog and I are enjoying the patio. But it's mid-March in New England--it's the suck-you-in month where it allows you to seriously BELIEVE Spring is here, just before it slams you into 6 more weeks of 35 degrees and raining. But, I'll take it when it comes! Ciao!