Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It is SO good to be back. And by back, I mean back online. The language that I have been using in the recent past is far too adult to be published, but let's just say...I didn't have internet and I was NOT happy.

But absence makes the heart grow fonder, no? I have been in desperate need of an outlet to babble about food on. Don't get me wrong, I love discussing the Gothic elements in the works of Washington Irving and the Middle English dialect of Chaucer...but I need to write about food.

Classes are back in full swing, and it is increasingly more apparent that I overbooked myself this semester. Now, pre-Florence Gillian would have multiple panic attacks and drop a class faster than a baking pan of cookies without an oven mitt, but something about me has definitely changed. I am shocked, quite frankly, at how much more relaxed I am about everything. As much as I talked about "adopting the Italian lifestyle", there was always a little voice in my head that said, "oh please, you know you will just go back and turn into that crazy control freak perfectionist you always are." And yes, that is still very much a part of who I am, but I feel just a little more clear-headed about all the work I have to do. I may not get everything done perfectly, but that's okay. It's a ridiculously liberating thing to know that not being perfect about everything all the time is okay.

So, food? I'm still going to write my senior thesis (someone please explain to me HOW I am a senior in college??) on my hero (heroine?) M. F. K. Fisher. If you haven't read any of her works, you must! Her writing is so pleasurable to read, even after hours of poring over literature anthologies with font size 0.2, I open up one of her books and immediately feel relaxed.

In less than 24 hours, I will be in my professor's office with 3 topic ideas for a paper and I have to "sell" them to her. Y'all, I'm shakin in my Rainbows! So I am going to enlist your fabulous opinions, if you don't mind ;)

Why do you think food writing is important? What do you get out of reading about food - be it a blog, a cookbook, or an anthropological text (that last one applies, me?)?

I will post pics of my roommate's & my AWESOME hippetastic room soon!

Oh yes, it's good to be back.


[I apologize for the photoless post - Herman (my big laptop) was not moving all too swiftly tonight. He just got internet back, so maybe he's feeling a little overwhelmed.]


  1. We are fascinated about food because 1) we all have to eat it so it may as well be good, 2) it is one of the clearest representatives of our culture (Italian) or our microculture (Southern Italian), and we tend to be proud and nostalgic about those items (think sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving....) and 3) it is endlessly varietal and can always be combined differently, or paired with new wines, etc. Man will clearly pursue sensual pleasures to the nth degree if it will reap benefits to Him! Or Her. Write on! What were your 3 topics?

  2. Yes! I've noticed that I'm much more relaxed this semester, even though I'm WAY overbooked as well... but just think, while you're becoming BFF's with Chaucer, I'll be livin' it up Victorian-style with the Bronte sisters :P

    (And all the while, we can dream about our return to bella Italia :D)

    Haha, but anyway, GOOD LUCK girl! You can do it :)