Friday, August 6, 2010

The Maine Thing

Um, yeah, remember a few weekends ago when I went to Maine? Well, remember how I promised to return with pictures? Yeah, blogger fail. Better late then never, though!

Family friends/former neighbors of ours bought a little cottage just a couple hours out of Mass. around Ogunquitt, Maine. The cottage was super cute - small, but cozy rather than claustrophia-inducing, with lots of light and they've decorated beautifully. Look how cute!

Our hostess called this her "Martha Stewart moment." Love it.

We arrived just in time for lunch - and a lovely lunch it was!

Pasta salad, FULL of veggies. This was absolutely delicious! It is originally from the Silver Palate cookbook; I am planning on making it again (and again, and again....) and probably tweaking it here and there. I do love me a good pasta salad.

And fruit! 

Including these gorgeous local raspberries:
Even better than they look.

Now, why on earth would anyone go to Maine in July? 
The BEACH, of course!

It was a perfect beach day. Just look at this sky:

To get to the beach, you have to walk over some beautiful marshland. It made LuLu very happy - she is a much more cooperative camera when there is beauty to be documented!

Chillin :)

See the sailboat?

This struck me as very....biblical. The light, the tree...I don't know. 

After lazing in the sun, we took a quick drive to Perkin's Cove, a.k.a, the tourist haven. But it sure is perty!

I could not get over the restaurants there. I wanted to go to so many! We passed a French bistro located inside an adorable little cottage that could have easily been a B&B...or Snow White's house. Forget eating there, can I work there????

We went to a really wonderful place for breakfast, Roost Cafe.

In an old barn, they created a quirky, fun ambience!

They even bake their own bread & pastries! I must have seen this bread basket get changed 3 times or so as we ate. And if I wasn't in love already...

Check the menu.
Honey lavender granola????

And then, I saw the pancakes...
It was over. One order of the blue corn pancakes with Maine blueberry compote, comin up!

They were SO tasty and unique. Delicately crispy, and the corn meal gave it a great mouth feel and rich flavor. Actually, the chef came out and asked me how they were - the high humidity was apparently really messing with the pancakes' rising. It took all of my composure to not follow him back into the kitchen and learn more. I was fascinated. I wanted to ask for a job. They have a great location, it's a super fun space, they make their own bread and have amazing pancakes. After I graduate from culinary school, can I call you? 
Should you ever find yourself in the York area on US Route 1, you MUST stop. It was a great dining experience.

Brunch (it was around noon when we left) was followed by some serious antique shopping. In 90 degree weather. With humidity. But there was some cute stuff!

Our visit ended in the best way possible.
Peppermint soft-serve ice cream - with the necessary chocolate jimmies.

And I didn't even mention the lobster we had for dinner....oh yes. We lived well in Maine.


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  1. Hey Gillian,
    I'm sitting here on my sunny patio with my cute baby twins lying next to me happily sleeping. So life over here isn't so bad after all; but your Maine article really makes me wanna go back to New England. Beautiful pictures and the food also looks really great.
    Take care,