Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Challenge

What? Another challenge?? But it's not Wednesday!

I know. I am referring to the Real Food Challenge, a conference being held just 20 minutes away from me in Stoughton, MA! It's the Northeast Summer Leadership Training for for college students. I'm going to learn all about corporate food policy, food justice, and all that good stuff - and hopefully make some changes on my own lovely campus. My head exploded with excitement when my new friend Nicole told me about this when we met in Austin - I have been whining nonstop for the past 3 years about the food on my campus and how frustrated I am with it. I really don't feel like it is supportive for anyone with food allergies or preferences like vegetarian/vegans, and even just trying to promote healthy eating overall. More often than not, the salad bar is only half full - but the dessert table is loaded. They veg options for protein are often seriously lacking as well, and I have often felt like screaming "iceberg lettuce is NOT a protein!!!!" And the local/seasonal food issue is no different. We have canteloupe & honeydew melon year round - don't try to tell me we picked those up from the farm down the road in mid-January. My problem was, I honestly have no idea where to begin trying to make changes, and that is where this training comes in. I'm crazyyyy excited to learn more about food policy and how I can help make changes for the better. And Lulu the camera is comin' with, of course. 

[Just as a disclaimer, I love my school dearly and wouldn't ever have gone anywhere else. This problem is common to many, if not most, schools around the country - hence this conference exists!]

Wow, I don't think I've ever written a post so fast - but like I said, mere minutes! Can't wait to tell yall all about it :)


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